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Desert Barbell Sports Club is the premier facility for strength training in Dubai. An Eleiko certified facility with specialized equipment for powerlifting and weightlifting and all the tools you need for strength training and conditioning.

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A Sports Club for everyone from beginners to world class athletes

A sports club that provides you with the best equipment and content for powerlifting and weightlifting, general strength training and conditioning. Whether you are new to the gym or compete on the world stage, our aim is to help you get stronger, lift better, feel more comfortable with the barbell and build your confidence in a supportive environment.


Desert Barbell Sports Club is a strength training gym that is founded on community. This is our community’s home, where we support each other’s growth and development. Stronger, together.


Our strength training gym is certified by Eleiko, a global leader in strength training. Our experience, knowledge and facility makes us the ultimate facility for strength training in Dubai for ALL skill levels, beginner to advanced athletes.


From basic personal training to more advanced coaching, we are here to help you. With a range of in-house and international educational seminars and events, like us, our members will never stop learning!

Standard membership pricing (Incl. VAT)

Enquire with us for any special offers.

Standard monthly membership AED 449
Student monthly membership AED 299
3 month membership AED 1,227
6 month membership AED 2,334
1 year membership package AED 4,548
10 Pack Drop-In AED 525
Day rate AED 75




Head Coach

Raised in Sweden's arctic north, Patrik has 20+ years of experience as strength coach & physiotherapist for 20+ years

Chris Patterson

Chris Patterson


Chris is focused on Powerlifting, with a strong foundation, he has been a full time strength coach and personal trainer for over 6 years




Ine competes for her national team as a weightlifter, she is an experienced strength coach with knowledge built at an international level




Dan is a S&C specialist with an in-depth experience in coaching Rugby players and weight lifting, with a focus on technique & science

Brandon Pretorious

Brandon Pretorious


Brandon is a certified ISSA trainer as well as Eleiko weightlifing, S&C and Crossfit L1 coach with over 4 years of experience


Our facility is located in Dubai’s Al Quoz area, you can find us by clicking the map below or by contacting us using the following means:

Desert Barbell Strength Training Gym in Dubai


High ceilings, bright lighting, white walls and blue detailing create a great environment for training, photoshoots, videography and hosting events. Here you will find all the equipment you need for a well rounded workout.

The Sports Club also features a purpose built conference room capable of accommodating up to 30PAX supported by dedicated parking spaces, making it ideal for sports and fitness educations, seminars or team trainings.

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#1 Strength Training Gym Dubai | Desert Barbell Sports Club

Educations and Events

Learning and development are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that bettering yourself comes from both physical and mental development. We host a range of workshops, clinics and seminars to support our members and the wider fitness community. Our members enjoy complimentary access selected workshops, clinics and events, and special rates on external workshops and events. We work with some of the best educations providers and global coaches to bring you the very best content for strength training, weightlifting and powerlifting.


From cable machines, to dumbbells and benches we have you covered for all your strength training and conditioning needs. A paradise for powerlifters, weightlifters and anyone serious about strength and conditioning. The Club is fitted with a full range of Eleiko gear from men’s and woman’s competition barbells, over 3000kg of calibrated plates, platforms, squat stands, competition benches, kettlebells, medicine balls and so much more including ski-erg, rower and assault bikes and a 22m sled track. Each area is purposefully designed so that members have access to all the equipment they need, while minimizing distractions during training.

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Strength Training Coaches in Dubai

Personal Training, Coaching and Screening

If you are looking to improve your physique, get stronger, or you are looking for more advanced coaching and programming, let our in-house coaches work closely with you to get you closer to your goal. Our coaches and personal trainers can offer support for nutrition, technique screening, body transformation as well as specialized coaching and programming for Powerlifting and Weightlifting. Desert Barbell Sports Club also offer a great environment and expertise for sports teams and high school athletes looking to improve speed, power and strength.

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