Mastering the handstand

Mastering the handstand
April 7, 2019 cnrk1

Mastering the handstand

Doing a handstand is a tricky process, but the first question is why should you learn in the first place? Well, simply put, a handstand is not just a cool skill to be able to do but is also a good tool to get better body awareness, get over all body strength and to help with overhead strength. The process of learning a handstand will also help to improve your core strength, mobility and balance.

So now that we have clarified the why, let’s look at some key elements that will help you on your journey to achieving the perfect handstand.

1. Mobility

To be able to do a good looking straight handstand, will require some mobility in the wrist, shoulders, back and chest. This will be the first step to check before going any further with your handstand practice. As a test, if you can stand with your back against the wall with your hands straight over head without any gap from your lower back and upper. With the same position, bend your arms to 90 degrees. The whole arm should stay in the wall, if not then this is an indication of low to poor mobility in this area.

2. Strength

There are some essential strengths that need to be worked on while working towards getting the perfect handstand. Your foundation and core need to be strong. Exercises like planks and hollow rocks is great to use towards getting the straight handstand.

3. Balance

Finding the right balance can be tricky in a handstand. Using the whole body and strength will help you on the way, but your fingers will do the extra trick here. By grabbing the floor with your fingers, you are better able to control your balance.

4. Practice

Handstands need a lot of work and practice is the key. Put some time a week aside three times a week to practice your handstand and to work on each element described above.

5. Confidence

Handstands can be quite scary, being upside down is probably something you stopped experimenting while getting older. The fear of failing and falling can be decisive. If you learn how to fail correctly, you will still have control over the situation and be more confident in trying and failing.

What’s next?

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Ine Andersson, Coach
Desert Barbell

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