Introduction to Mike Tuchsherer

Introduction to Mike Tuchsherer
May 8, 2018 Marco Cipolat

Who is Mike Tuchsherer?

We are very proud to introduce a great friend of the Desert Barbell community, and a wizard when it comes to programming and exercise selection for Powerlifting.

Mike Tuchsherer is the owner and founder of Reactive Training Systems (RTS). Mike has earned 5 medals at the IPF World Championships (2 bronze, 2 silver, 1 gold) and, in 2009, became the first male in USA Powerlifting to win a gold medal at the World Games.

In addition, he has personally coached over a dozen IPF world-level competitors, 12 IPF World Record Holders, and also many intermediate level lifters who simply want to continue building strength in the midst of a busy life.

This range gives Mike a unique insight into getting to the core of building strength. Additionally, Mike is the author of the Reactive Training Manual, which popularized the usage of RPE in the world of weight training.

Mike has a lot of good content at the RTS website and we are very pleased to be able to share this on Desert Barbell Instagram and website.

Look out for content on “deloading effectively”. For many lifters the term “deloading” will mean that you drastically lower both volume and intensity. Honestly, the correct term for that would probably be active rest instead of an effective deloading.