Introduction to Powerlifting Abu Dhabi

Introduction to Powerlifting Abu Dhabi
January 25, 2020 Marco Cipolat
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Date(s) - Saturday/25/01/2020
11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Vogue Fitness Marina Mall


The “Introduction to Powerlifting” is a 4-hour seminar aimed to give attendees a comprehensive overview of the “big-3” powerlifting movements (Barbell Back Squat, Barbell Bench Press and Barbell Deadlift).

We are partnered up with Vogue Fitness Marina Mall to offer this workshop for the first time in Abu Dhabi.

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What you will lean from attending:

  • An understanding of modern powerlifting and the development of the sport
  • A thorough understanding of the big three compound movements supported by both theory and supervised practical sessions
  • Understanding different body types and how this influences lifting technique and exercise selection
  • Understand how to incorporate the principles of Powerlifting into your current workout to help build more strength

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Starting at 11AM on Saturday 25 January 2020, the seminar will run as follows:

  • Introduction to Desert Barbell (10 mins)
  • The Squat Theory (30 mins)
  • The Squat Practical (30 mins)
  • Break (20 mins)
  • The Bench Theory (30 mins)
  • The Bench Practical (30 mins)
  • Break (20 mins)
  • The Deadlift Theory (30 mins)
  • The Deadlift Practical (30 mins)
  • Q&A (10 mins)

Each lift will be broken down with the following elements taken into account:

  • Universal Truths
  • Individual Differences
  • Exercise Selection
  • Technique Feedback (Practical)

Follow this link to sign up for the seminar. Seats are limited!

We ask that attendees arrive with training equipment as this is a practical seminar. Please wear sports shoes and normal gym clothing to allow you to complete the movements. You can bring any additional equipment you would normally use while you train.

The workshop will be led by Desert Barbell Coaches Patrik Hedqvist, Chris Patterson and Dan Edwards.