Chris Patterson

Chris Patterson

Starting his sports career in rugby at the young age of 11, Chris always grew up in athletics. He began training in a gym setting at the young age of 13, and once retired from rugby at 19 he moved into Weightlifting and participated in various competitions. Currently, Chris is focused on Powerlifting, with a strong foundation. Being a full time strength coach and personal trainer for over 6 years, Chris is able to work with clients to understand their individual lifestyles, external pressures, and personal goals to create tailored programs that help them feel happier and healthier day to day.

Our strength training gym is 100% certified by Eleiko, a global leader in strength training. Our experience, knowledge and facility makes us the ultimate facility for strength training in Dubai for ALL skill levels, beginner to advanced athletes.

Desert Barbell Sports Club is a strength training gym that is founded on community. This is our community’s home, where we support each other’s growth and development. Stronger, together.

Our Coaches are here to support your journey of self-development, from one-on-one personal training to online programming, we are here to make sure you develop and grow.

Whether you are looking for dedicated powerlifting or weightlifting coaching, a general strength program or want to do a total transformation, our coaching staff has the experience to support you on this journey. We want to help you lift, learn and live better. We offer coaching services to both members and non-members, and we are able to train you both in-house at Desert Barbell Sports Club or at you a place more convenient to you.

Our Coaches can help with:

  • Conventional Personal Training (one-on-one all-round training)
  • Transformation programs – including nutrition advice
  • Technical lifting screening (including video analysis and screening report for the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift)
  • Powerlifting or Weightlifting specific Programming & Coaching (inclusive of in-house coaching sessions)
  • General Strength programs and coaching
  • Online training

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