Our Story

Sport-specific equipment and education, Desert Barbell is founded on community and focused on strength training solutions.


Starting as a community effort in 2016 and officially founded in January 2018, our mission is to become the premier provider of strength training solutions in the region. We are here to serve the strength training community by providing the best equipment and content to support your training and help you achieve your goals on the platform.

Our founding principles

Pure Power

Our Story

We stand for drug free sports. We believe that with the right training, nutrition, coaching and equipment every athlete can reach their full potential.


Our Story

We are focused on strength training. Whether you are a sport specific athlete or a casual gym goer, we want to help you achieve your strength goals.


Our Story

From the products we source to the content we provide, we are committed to quality.

What we provide


Specialized Apparel

High quality and sports specific apparel


Educations and Events

Uniting the strength training community through seminars and events



Equipping you with all the gear you need to perform better in training and on the platform

The Team.